About Us

Founded in December 2013, Guinevere Launcelot is a concept-art label based in the UK. The label is amusing and unique with its MULBERRY SILK Collections. The concept behind the designs is a harmonious combination of religious imagery and the romance of oriental culture and serene technology innovation. They feature bold patterns, loud colour and structured fits to blur gender divides.

In 2016, Guinevere Launcelot was invited by British Vogue to showcase the brand story and concept on the designer profile page, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of British Vogue.

In 2017, we are honoured to feature our brand name on HARPER's BAZAAR  and House of Coco to introduce the unique SILK style to the broad readers.


About Products

Guinevere Launcelot has positioned itself as a pioneering label with the use of high-quality fabric and the most advanced production technique to create great artist designs worldwide. With the launch of the Silk Collections, Guinevere Launcelot takes pride in using luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk and digital printing technology to achieve a deep, vibrant and crisp reproduction of the artwork. Our design & production team will keep looking and bring the finest deluxe textiles to fashion lovers.


About Designers

Meiki Kyo and Hyeyeong Hailey Kim are the main designers of Guinevere Launcelot. These two talented designers bring heritages from the East, Japan and Korea, and inject avant-garde artistic vision and oriental philosophy into fashion. They are genuinely courageous innovators and visionaries who create exquisite and genteel garments for this brand.


About Logo

Guinevere Launcelot’s logo - the ‘Peacock Feather Eye’ - was inspired by the story of Mahamayuri- the Wisdom King in the Buddhist Pantheones. In Buddhism, five peacock feathers symbolise the evolution process from the five venoms- desire; anger; ignorance; jealousy and pride, to the five Buddha-wisdoms - meditation; practice; observation; equality and reflection. The logo features ten feathers on each side, illustrating the desire to achieve a glorious ideal while also commemorating the arduous process of achieving perfection.