Featured in PILOT Netclothing Leicester


It is our very pleasure to be featured in PILOT Netclothing Leicester from September 2017.

Leicester is the origin of inspiration where GUINEVERE LAUNCELOT started as well as PILOT is the extraordinary shop who encouraged us to originate the brand history when we were young.

'In the physical world Pilot is one of the most respected fashion retailers in the United Kingdom. The first Pilot Men store opened over 33 years ago and was a development of the manufacturing business owned by founder Peter Stepien. Pilot Men has always been at the cutting edge of men’s fashion, bringing new labels to its audiences.
Established in the 1984, Pilot has been a leader in fashion retail for both men and women for the past 33 years.
Pilot’s unique boutique is situated in the heart of Leicester and boasts a visually stunning listing building comprising of 3 spacious floors.
With its futuristic neon setting, the store could easily be mistaken for a piece of art itself, let alone the fantastic choice of clothing, footwear, jewellery and accessories. Pilot is renowned for its fun loving and personal service.'
Find us in

58 High Street, Leicester LE1 5YP