Guinevere and Launcelot

When we talk about ‘Love’ and retrace those affectionate romantic love stories in western literature, it is hard not to mention Knight Launcelot and Queen Guinevere. However, being the Knight and Queen of King Arthur, their love was destined to be a sad story.

Sir Launcelot, the greatest one among the Knights of the Round Table, was loyal, strong, kind-hearted and of great wisdom. Upon his arrival into her sight for the first time, the spell of his charms instantly smote her. When two people of great character meet, they mutually respect and admire each other. Thereafter, Sir Launcelot fell in love with Guinevere as if it was previously plotted.

Their love bloomed slowly like all other great romances. Their continual trysts gave rise to the suspicion of other knights. Sir Agravain and Sir Modred, King Arthur's nephews gathered twelve knights and stormed Guinevere's palace, catching her with Lancelot during their tryst. Sir Launcelot fought his way out of the castle, however, leaving Guinevere seized by guards and later condemned to burning at the stake for her infidelity.

When Sir Launcelot got to know the sentence on her beloved one, he fought back in to rescue her and killed several knights of King Arthur. Enraged by his act, King Arthur summoned his troop and attacked Launcelot’s castle. Sir Launcelot fled his own territory and took Guinevere to France. To honour his chivalry and maintain her morality as a wife, their separation was written as their final chapter.

After all these, according to some stories, Guinevere and Launcelot had met for only one last time before Launcelot became a recluse and Guinevere ended her life as a nun at Amesbury.

They were never together as a couple nor had any normal matrimonial life like most common people could have. This is probably why for centuries their tangled love story has always been relished. Guinevere and Launcelot, in their names, are a symbol of pure love and loyalty.